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cozy environment newborn studioNobody believes me when I tell them it’s going to be hot.  I always warn my newborn parents that the studio will be nice and cozy at approximately 80-85 degrees.  That means we are all hot and sweaty while our newborns are nice and comfortable.  Making a cozy environment is key to creating beautiful newborn portraits.

Why would I keep it so warm?

Just 6-14 days before the newborn session when baby is still in the womb they are accustomed to a temperature of approximately 99.7 degrees just slightly warmer than the mothers core temperature.  I strive to create an environment for the baby that is familiar.  We keep the temperature warm, use heart beat monitors and womb noises.  All of these elements help put the baby at ease so we can create beautiful images that feature all the baby details.

Usually you will keep your baby wrapped up in blankets so it’s not necessary to keep your home at 80 degrees.  While in the studio the baby has minimal clothing if any and we change them several times.  The warm air keeps the baby asleep between all of the outfit, wraps and accessory changes.

Family First

Don’t worry I always photograph the family first.  That way mom and dad aren’t a sweaty mess in the photos.

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