Maternity Gowns

Charlsie Oliverson PhotographyWhen I was pregnant with my oldest son I had no desire to have maternity pictures taken.  With swollen hands and ankles I felt like a hot mess and wasn’t about to document it.  Of course I regretted my decision, with my second son I took the opportunity to document the pregnancy and still hated the pictures.  I recognized how important it is to document pregnancy so I was on a mission to create an experience for expecting moms that would help them feel beautiful and comfortable no matter how swollen their feet.

Part of the experience I’ve created includes providing beautiful maternity gowns.  There are many places to purchase maternity gowns but most of them are strapless with an open belly.  Not all women are comfortable showing off their pregnant bellies and some like to have their arms and shoulders covered.  It wasn’t easy finding gorgeous maternity gowns to fit everyone’s comfort level.

I was so excited when I found Sew Trendy Accessories who specialize in maternity gowns and I immediately fell in love with their fabulous dresses.  Not only do they have amazing designs but their options for customization are incredible. I’ve added three of their gowns to my collection and am anxious to get some more.  With their customization options I can find gowns that will make all moms look and feel amazing.  All of their designs have the option of adding sleeves, off the shoulder, on the shoulder, open belly, adding a train… the options are endless.  I’ve been able to find gowns for everyone.  Thank you Sew Trendy for creating beautiful dresses.

When Christy put on this pale pink gown it was as if it had been made just for her.  Doesn’t she look amazing?

Did you have maternity pictures taken?  Why or why not?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think about these amazing gowns.

maternity gowns

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