Mount Rushmore in the Spring We were a little hesitant to go to Mount Rushmore in the spring.  We knew it was off season and their were lots of things we wouldn’t be able to do.  It did end up snowing on us and was a little cold but overall it was a fantastic trip […]

I went MIA in 2017 after moving to Riverton Wyoming.  Now I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.  Friends, family, new clients, old clients, instagram followers and facebook friends have all been asking me, “What is going on?”  Here is the watered down version of what has been happening over the last […]

Specializing in Newborns and Families seems natural.  Obviously my ideal client is the same and there is a lot of cross over since many continue to have family pictures yearly after baby is born.  However the dynamic and skill set for newborn vs family couldn’t be more different. Family Skills Not running a business in […]

Before I get into the nitty gritty of what everyone should wear I’m going to start with my #1 most important tip.  As a mom you often put your wants and needs last.  You are selfless and you care about your family.  That is great, your family appreciates you and they love you so much […]

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You found me!  Maybe your friend told you about me, you saw my work on Facebook or Instagram or I showed up in your Google search.  No matter how you found me, you are here, hopefully you like what you see and you want to take the next step in this relationship.  Now let’s talk […]

The Wild Wind at Red Lake Sometimes you do everything you possibly can to prepare for family pictures then mother nature takes control.  Up until 5 minutes before the Curtis Family Session started everything was looking good.  The wind was minimal, the lake bed looked amazing and the sky was clear. Then out of nowhere the […]

Running a marathon vs. family pictures Two and a half years ago I started running.  I had done an occasional 5k and I would run on the treadmill before a workout but I never really had any goals while running until my husband and I got this crazy idea to do a Tough Mudder.  We knew […]

Acrylic Blocks Who doesn’t love getting mail?  I know it always brightens my day when I get something besides credit card offers. Especially in our electronic world where most of our communication takes place through email, text and instant messenger. I am always on the lookout for new and amazing products that stay up to date […]

Why digitizing family photos is a waist of time. Did you know that digital files aren’t archival?  What does that mean?  In 30 years from now when you want to look back at 2016 and the hundreds of pictures you took with your phone camera you will likely not be able to find them.  In that […]

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