Newborn With Family Some people think a newborn session is all about the newborn. When in reality the most important part of the session involves those that love that newborn the most. (sometime the new big brother is still unsure but he’ll come around.) Capturing that love and relationship at such a special time is […]

Often moms ask me what type of camera they need to photograph their children. They are expecting me to tell them a specific model of DSLR camera. I can honestly say I don’t think a DSLR camera {aka the big black camera with bulky lenses} is for everyone. I’m going to talk about to phone […]

Newborn Posing Posing a newborn is very different from any other type of session. Newborn safety is the number one concern. Beyond that the focus is showcasing every little detail. There are several well known poses within the Newborn Photography world. Just like everything I do I stick to the timeless poses. These are my […]

I’ve been looking forward to the Spring Family Session Giveaway. Here are all the details including how to earn extra entries and how everyone can earn $100 print credit. Who can enter? Anyone who wants a 2019 Spring Family Session with Charlsie Oliverson Photography, LLC within Fremont County. How to enter? Subscribe to my mailing […]

Newborn Details Have you ever found yourself holding a brand new baby in your arms while you study every detail of their tiny body? You can’t help but be captivated by all their miniature features. What color will her eyes be? You notice every little eyelash. Does he have mom or dad’s lips? You wrap […]

Being Intentional Take a minute and image the year 2049. Your kids are visiting for the weekend and you are hanging out talking about when they were younger. PAUSE … How do you picture this moment? Are you sitting on the couch looking at albums? Are you scrolling social media? Are you digging through old […]

Awake + Alert Usually when we think of newborn photography we picture a perfectly posed sleeping baby. Every once in a while that perfect little baby will open their beautiful eyes and try to figure out what on earth I am doing to them. These make for some of my favorite pictures during a newborn […]

Pros and Cons of a Home Studio When we first moved to Riverton I was just about to rent a commercial space for my studio when we finally found a home to buy.  I pushed pause on the commercial space and we put all of our extra time and effort into remodeling.  Of course that […]

Newborn Welcome Guide Newborn pictures are usually done in the first six to twelve days of the babies life.  The arrival of a new baby is always a little chaotic and very exciting.  To make the newborn portrait experience as simple as possible I have put together a Newborn Welcome Guide.  This is meant to […]

Golden Hour Now that there is snow on the ground and we are approaching the holiday season it feels appropriate that I finally blog about this summer session.  Since I am wishing I was curled up by the fire right now I’ll go ahead and talk about the golden hour.   The ideal time for family […]

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