Little Theo {Newborn Session} Baby Theo was so calm and happy for his newborn session.  He slept most of the time but decided to wake up at the end and give us some fun expressions, you’ll have to check out his video for all his funny faces.  It looks like he might have a hint […]

Emma Jo It’s always an adventure involving older siblings in a session.  These four kids were all so cooperative and did their part to create a beautiful family photo.  It’s so fun to see how each child evolves when a new baby arrives.  Emma was a good sport and slept most of the session. Sessions […]

Lander WY Photographer I’m not afraid of crazy toddlers or difficult kids.  I’ve learned to handle them over the years and I’ve found that the harder I have to work for a smile the better it is.  The age that scares me is 6+.  This is the magical age when kids can follow directions, they […]

Before AfterBoys Bedroom Remodel I know this isn’t photography related but it’s as good of place as any for me to post some before and after pictures.  During the remodel we painted EVERYTHING and put in new flooring and light fixtures.  Here is the Boys Bedroom Remodel the first room that is completely finished.  Same […]

Ella Nicole Is it better to have a sleepy or awake baby?  We always plan and prepare for a sleepy baby.  That’s how we get the poses that show the most detail.  Some babies sleep for an entire session and some refuse to sleep at all.  In a perfect world I would have a sleepy […]

Adalyn Ha I’m a little worried about little Adalyn adjusting to Wyoming come winter.  She loved having the studio toasty warm.  It felt a little like hot yoga during the session. She was as happy as a clam as long as it was at least 85 degrees.  When it dropped below 85 she let us […]

Owen Luke Stucki After a month of having petite little girls in the studio it was so fun to have this handsome little guy. You can’t help but love his chubby cheeks, long toes and funny expressions. It’s always fun to get wide awake pictures with lots of personality. But I can’t help but think […]

When it comes to the products I offer in my studio I am extremely picky.  I’ve spent countless hours searching the web, time away from my family at trade shows and lots of money on studio samples just to find the perfect products to preserve your memories.  I always test them on my kids and […]

Ila Renea Leslie At just 5 pounds and 3 ounces baby Ila was born on April 17, 2018.  Every little detail about Ila is perfect. Her thick black hair, tiny little toes and beautiful eyelashes that are starting to show.  I only got a glimpse of her gorgeous eyes since she slept almost the entire […]

Mount Rushmore in the Spring We were a little hesitant to go to Mount Rushmore in the spring.  We knew it was off season and their were lots of things we wouldn’t be able to do.  It did end up snowing on us and was a little cold but overall it was a fantastic trip […]

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