What to wear: Same load of laundry

What to wear: Same Load of Laundry

What to wear: Same load of laundry

I know this sounds strange but to avoid to much contrast keep your clothing in what I call the same load of laundry.  You generally don’t mix your whites with darks when you wash your clothing.  The same goes for family pictures with a newborn.  Don’t mix your lights and darks.  You can wear light neutrals (whites and creams) medium neutrals (light gray, muted colors) or dark neutrals (dark grey and black).  Avoid mixing these as it can be distracting.  Our eyes are drawn to the highest point of contrast in the picture.  We want that to be your faces.  When wearing lights with darks our eyes are drawn to the clothing (this isn’t ideal).

In reality what you wear isn’t important.  Our focus is on you and your family at this special time.  The idea is to make sure your clothing doesn’t distract from the moment.  Good luck and don’t stress too much about what to wear.

What about an outdoor family session?

You can bend this rule a little more when doing an outdoor family session.  I would still avoid the trend from the 90’s that involved everyone wearing white shirts and blue jeans.  Remember our eyes are drawn to the highest point of contrast.  That means if you are wearing a white shirt and jeans your eyes will be drawn to your waist.  When shooting outdoors you could mix light with medium or medium with dark but I would still avoid Dark with Light.  It’s also okay to add more color into an outdoor session.

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