Moving to Riverton Wyoming

moving to riverton wyomingI went MIA in 2017 after moving to Riverton Wyoming.  Now I’m ready to get back into the swing of things.  Friends, family, new clients, old clients, instagram followers and facebook friends have all been asking me, “What is going on?”  Here is the watered down version of what has been happening over the last 18 months.

Moving to Riverton Wyoming

In anticipation of Brad’s residency coming to an end we had been on the job hunt and found several promising option that would be perfect for our family.  We thought we were going to Hamilton MT.  However, in October 2016 only months before the big move we had a change of heart.  With lots of thought and prayer we decided to settle in Riverton Wyoming.  The logistics of moving to Riverton Wyoming were a little complicated.

The House

One of our biggest challenges was finding a house.  We weren’t having any luck finding something to buy so we settled into a little rental and I was ready to start my business.  I had found a perfect commercial space for my studio and days before signing a lease we also found the perfect house.  Well… it wasn’t perfect yet… but we had big plans that were going to involve a lot blood, sweat and tears on our part.  Knowing we had a long renovation ahead of us I decided to put a hold on my business and focus on making a home for my family.

The Renovation

We found the house in February of 2017 and closed in April.  We jumped right into the demolition and before we knew it our three month project turned into six.  It still seems like it is never-ending.  About the time I was ready to start photography we were getting into the holidays.  I made the decision to lay low and enjoy some time with my family.  Historically the fall season is my busiest as families rush to get the family photo in time for Christmas Cards.  The holiday hustle doesn’t leave much time for my family.  Laying low for awhile was just what I needed.

The Business

Now that we are settled into Riverton and the main floor of our house is mostly complete it’s time for me to get back to doing what I love and that is running my photography business.  In February I met some fellow photographer friends at WPPI in Las Vegas where I was able to get the inspiration I needed to hit the ground running.

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