newborn vs family and why I love them both

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Specializing in Newborns and Families seems natural.  Obviously my ideal client is the same and there is a lot of cross over since many continue to have family pictures yearly after baby is born.  However the dynamic and skill set for newborn vs family couldn’t be more different.

Family Skills

Not running a business in 2017 didn’t mean I didn’t use my camera.  In fact I still had a few great opportunities to photograph some of my favorite past clients from Arizona. When I photograph families it feels so second nature to me that I can always pick up right where I left off.  And if I’m being honest, taking a short break from family sessions from time to time helps me refuel.  For this reason I tend to do family sessions in spurts.

Newborn Skills

With newborns I feel like I need to maintain a steady and consistent pace or I lose my groove and baby whispering powers.  Not to mention I get baby hungry when I go too long without a newborn.  Last year I attended a fabulous newborn workshop with Blossom Workshop in Houston Texas.  Connecting with other photographers while photographing babies is always a good thing.   We moved into our house in July and I immediately started offering newborn sessions to some friends who were expecting.  This was necessary to keep me at the top of my game.

Newborn Safety

Newborn safety is super important and too many photographers don’t take it into consideration when they willingly accept a clients request to set a baby on a motorcycle or odd shaped prop.  Just because you see it on Pinterest doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.  Hiring a newborn photographer who is trained in newborn safety is a must.  Another reason maintaining my newborn skill set during my time off was important.

Newborn vs Family

A family session is fast and fun.  I keep the energy level high and make sure the session doesn’t drag on.  Dad definitely doesn’t want to sit through a two hour session.  Let’s be honest NOBODY DOES!  When I shoot a family session I don’t waist anytime.  We move through the poses fast and furious for the best happy results.

Newborn sessions are low key and relaxed.  We take our time and cater to the needs of the new baby who is still figuring out how to eat.  Newborn sessions or very different from family sessions and that’s why I need them both in my life.

Okay, enough talk, who is ready for some Newborn love?  This is one of the sessions I shot during my time off.

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