Mount Rushmore In The Spring

Mount Rushmore in the SpringMount Rushmore in the Spring

We were a little hesitant to go to Mount Rushmore in the spring.  We knew it was off season and their were lots of things we wouldn’t be able to do.  It did end up snowing on us and was a little cold but overall it was a fantastic trip especially because we got to go with our friends the Mikesell Family.  I know this post isn’t exactly photography related but I’ve made a goal to better document my family and to actually do something with the pictures I take.  So here it is… my spring break summary and slide show.

Day One: Mount Rushmore

We left bright and early Saturday morning and made it to Keystone for lunch.  Most places were closed because it was off season and snowing.  Luckily our favorite taffy shop was open. After finding a place to eat we headed up to the memorial and it felt like we had the place to ourselves.  We had a snowball fight in the amphitheater and the kids had a blast running around and learning about the presidents on the mountain.

Day Two: Easter

Instead of a hotel, we found a nice little cabin to stay at in Custer and spent Sunday laying low.  We watched General Conference, died easter eggs and had an easter egg hunt on the property.  Our cabin was right next to the  Mickelson Trail so we took a few walks enjoying the trail.

Day Three: Sylvan Lake + Evans Plunge

Monday was nice and warm so we decided to switch up our original plans and go to Sylvan Lake inside Custer State Park.  We did a short hike around the lake and let the kids climb on the rocks.  After we had our picnic at the lake we drove out to Hot Springs SD to enjoy swimming at Evans Plunge. Canon went crazy on the water slides.  It took all four adults to keep up with him.

Day Four: Wind Cave + Custer State Park

Maven’s favorite part of the whole trip was going to the Wind Cave National Park.  We did the Natural Entrance tour that took us 2/3 of a mile into the cave.  The kids loved it and at over 50 degrees inside the cave it was probably the warmest thing we did.  After lunch we took a drive over a cool bridge we accidentally found when I got everyone lost earlier that morning.  The bridge led us into Custer State Park and we drove the Wildlife Loop.

Day Five: Devils Tower

We decided to take the scenic route home at stop at Devils Tower.  It was worth the drive and we were able to do a quick hike around the base of the tower. After eating lunch we got back in the car and drove through the Big Horn Mountain range to get home.  Even in early spring we were able to find plenty to do at Mount Rushmore and we look forward to going back again someday when we can play in the lakes, do some rock climbing and enjoy the bike trails.

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