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When it comes to the products I offer in my studio I am extremely picky.  I’ve spent countless hours searching the web, time away from my family at trade shows and lots of money on studio samples just to find the perfect products to preserve your memories.  I always test them on my kids and family first before entering them into my product line up.  If they don’t meet my list of qualifications no matter how fun and unique they might be they don’t get a place in my studio.

#1 Archival

The portraits that are taken of your family will increase in value as time goes on.  As the memories fade and your children get older having a portrait to look back on will become priceless and even more so as new generations come and older generations go.  For years to come these memories will be shared and passed on.  I do offer digital files but because they are not archival they are packaged with products that are.

#2 Kid Friendly

What is the point if your products are too delicate to be handled by kids?  My kids spend so much time looking through albums and they love seeing their pictures in our home.  I would hate to have to hide them away just to protect them instead of being able to enjoy them.

#3 Timeless

I try to avoid trendy products that are quickly dated and distract you from the emotion and love you feel when looking at your images.

#4 Versatile

I’m a minimalist and I don’t like my life cluttered with too much stuff.  If I can find a product that can have multiple uses and purposes that is a WIN in my book.

#5 Beautiful

This is just obvious.  It’s got to look good in your home and hopefully be part of your home decor for many years.

Product DetailsProduct Details

I would like to introduce you to the products that make up three of my four main collections.

Matted Images

An archival 5×7 deep matte print inserted in a protective 8×10 white mat. This is a versatile and understated item.  The white boarder of the mat around the 5×7 image draws your eye into the image for a beautiful and timeless way to showcase your images.  Matted Images can be inserted into a standard 8×10 frame and displayed on your walls or bookshelves.  The Mats can also be placed in an easel without a frame and rotated from time to time.  For long term storage they can be put in the keepsake box and when kids want to look at them the white mat around the image will protect the main image from finger prints and damage.


I wont lie an album is a big investment but they check all the boxes and it’s something that will be around and enjoyed for a very long time.  With a variety of leather and linen covers to choose from you are sure to find a beautiful fabric to fit your style.  They include ten lay-flat spreads created using a simple and classic design that doesn’t distract from your images.  Each page is printed on the same archival deep matte paper as your prints and mounted to a 1/16″ board for a durable and very kid friendly product.  More than 30 images can easily fit your album to tell the complete story of your family.  The back inside cover is embossed with names and a date.

This is the ultimate option when it comes to preserving and sharing your family and their story.  Image 3 generations from now when your kids are sitting down with their great gran-children and telling them stories of their childhood with this album in hand.

Keepsake Box

A handmade wood box with an acrylic slide-in cover.  It creates a beautiful way to both display and protect your Albums, Matted Images and Digital Files.  The USB is inserted into the bottom of the box for safe keeping.  20 Matted Images or 2 Albums fit inside the box.  You could also add hospital bracelets and other little keepsakes that are significant to you.  Place it on your coffee table, display it on a shelf or store it neatly in a bookshelf. Because of the acrylic cover the top image will be visible when on display.

Digital Files

As I mentioned earlier Digital Files don’t fit my requirements.  They aren’t archival, kid friendly, timeless and they are still unfinished so I can’t even say they are beautiful.  But they are versatile and great to have around when, you need a picture printed for a school project, you want to make a picture calendar, or you simply want to share your pictures online.  Because I still find value in having digital files around they are a part of my collections.

Visit this link for full pricing details.  If you are interested in seeing any of these products contact me here and we can schedule a consultation in my studio.

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