Baby Ella {Sleepy or Awake}

sleepy or awakeElla Nicole

Is it better to have a sleepy or awake baby?  We always plan and prepare for a sleepy baby.  That’s how we get the poses that show the most detail.  Some babies sleep for an entire session and some refuse to sleep at all.  In a perfect world I would have a sleepy baby for about an hour so I could get the fun sleeping poses and a wide awake and alert baby for half an hour.

I’m not usually that lucky but Ella gave me the perfect mix.  When she was awake she was so alert with her big beautiful eyes looking around and trying to figure out what was going on.  Luckily she decided to sleep for a little while too giving us a perfect variety of poses.  So much personality in this little lady.  I’m pretty sure her mom and dad are going to have their hands full keeping up with this little one.

Session Styling

I branched out a little on this session and did some pink on pink.  Of course I still kept it super neutral with a soft blush pink.  I honestly don’t remember where I got this backdrop. I purchased it right before we moved and have kept it stored away until now.  Headband is from Baby Bliss Props and tieback is from Luneberry.

I often get asked if I prefer tiebacks or headbands.  If the headband is super stretchy they are much easier to use.  With the headband I don’t have to worry about tying it or hiding the extra string.  Tiebacks can be easily adjusted for any size of head and are often smaller and more petite which I love.  The most important part is that it is a classic design and comfortable for the baby.  Can you tell which one is the tieback and which is the headband?Lander WY Family Photographer wide awake newborn Lander WY Newborn Photographer Lander WY Photographer Riverton WY Photographer Riverton WY Newborn Photographer

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