Boys Bedroom Remodel

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Afterboys bedroom remodelBoys Bedroom Remodel

I know this isn’t photography related but it’s as good of place as any for me to post some before and after pictures.  During the remodel we painted EVERYTHING and put in new flooring and light fixtures.  Here is the Boys Bedroom Remodel the first room that is completely finished.  Same flooring as the rest of the main floor and the same paint colors.  Classic Grey walls from Benjamin Moore and White Dove trim also from Benjamin Moore. The stencil is from Cutting Edge Stencils.  Canon has begged for yellow walls and I just couldn’t swallow the idea of an all yellow room so this was our compromise.

Lego Table

I wanted a functional space that was easy to keep clean.  Brad built the Lego table out of the pallets that our appliances were delivered on.  Our poor feet needed some relief from stepping on those evil things and I was sick of being the nagging mom always begging them to pick up legos.  The lamp and picture are both from Ikea.

Reading Corner

The boys wanted a place to read.  Brad built the floating shelves for us to display their books.  The Teepee is from Tnee’s Tpee. There is an LED lamp inside from Amazon.  We usually keep the extra pillows from their bed inside so they have a comfy place to lay.

Bunk Beds

In order to keep as much floor space open as possible we opted for bunk beds. If you have every tried to make a bunkbed, it feels impossible, especially for kids.  When I found Beddy’s I knew it was the perfect solution.  If you aren’t familiar with Beddy’s it’s basically an all in one bedding that zips up like a sleeping bag.  No fitted sheet, flat sheet plus quilt to deal with.  When I need to wash the bedding I pull it off all at once and easily remake the bed in one step instead of three.  When the boys wake up in the morning all they have to do is zip up their beds.  I’m sure their future wives will thank me for helping them develop the habit of making their bed’s everyday.  And let’s not forget, the quality is amazing!

I wanted to utilize the under the bed storage space.  We don’t have a lot of toys.  Their Legos, Tegu Blocks and Marble Run are all in the top of the closet.  Since their is no reason to have all of them out at once they can choose.  But we needed a place for some of the bulkier toys like stuffed animals and Nerf guns.  Brad built these crates to fit under the bed and put hidden caster wheels on them so they can be easily pulled in and out.

Wrestling Mat

All of our decorating choices were made with the intent to keep things simple and to keep as much floor space open as possible.  Not only does this keep the room feeling less cluttered but it also provides a place for wrestling.  This large 8×10 rug is from Home Depot and mostly serves as a wrestling mat.

What do you want to see next?  My studio and office or the dinning room?

wrestling mat

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