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Lander WY Photographer

Lander WY Photographer

I’m not afraid of crazy toddlers or difficult kids.  I’ve learned to handle them over the years and I’ve found that the harder I have to work for a smile the better it is.  The age that scares me is 6+.  This is the magical age when kids can follow directions, they have longer attention spans and they are more aware of the camera.  You would think that I would love this age but this wonderful behavior SCARES ME!

Fake Smile

This is what happens with your well behaved kids.  I get the family posed.  Everyone is put together like a moving puzzle then I grab the camera and immediately I see it.  The FAKE SMILE.  You know the one.  It’s super cheesy, a little too big and looks painful.  This is when I start to tell lame jokes and talk about inappropriate things like “farts” and “stinky feet”.  Everyone looks at me in shock and hopefully the parent’s aren’t wanting to strangle me.  I guess when I start acting like a 5 year old kid they realize it’s okay to relax a little.  In my effort to get genuine smiles I probably look crazy, but at the end of the day the real smile is what matters.


Grady is turning 8 and he was so much fun.  He was a little serious at first all dressed up in his nice suite and tie but it didn’t take long to break the FAKE smile and get to know his fun personality.  We had fun telling each other jokes, showing off some dance moves and playing with the wildflowers.  In the end I think we succeeded at getting some pretty great smiles and lots of fun pictures.

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