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Riverton Wyoming Photography Studio Pros and Cons of a Home Studio

When we first moved to Riverton I was just about to rent a commercial space for my studio when we finally found a home to buy.  I pushed pause on the commercial space and we put all of our extra time and effort into remodeling.  Of course that took even more time and effort than we could image so I haven’t been able to devote enough hours to photography to justify that commercial space.  Ultimately I decided to get a home occupancy permit from the city of Riverton and have a home studio.  Sometimes I wish I had a separate commercial space but overall I love the convenience of working from home and I’m able to keep my prices lower.

Multi purpose room

We still don’t have our basement finished so the spare bedroom upstairs needed to serve as an office, studio, occasional guest room and a place to relax and watch TV.  That’s a tall order for a 14’x11′ room.  We got creative and over the last year this room has turned into a very cozy and functional space.  I love how it’s evolved and for now it works great.


Originally we had a desk taking up a lot of space in this room and a closet that wasn’t living up to it’s full potential.  I somehow talked Brad into building me a desk that would fit inside the closet.  It was built so that my equipment cart could slide underneath on one side and the other side could hold my Raid System {the hard drives that store, backup and ultimately archive my work}.  We kept the original shelves and they store my inventory and other office supplies.  I found this organizing system from Ikea to hold my pens and other items that would normally be in a desk drawer.

Desk in a closet Ikea Skadis


A newborn studio really doesn’t need to be all that big.  In some ways it’s easier to have a small space so I can keep it nice and cozy {extremley warm} during the session.  Brad {my extremely talented husband} built me a posing table.  This can also be used as an ottoman.  On a session day I set up my lighting and posing table while I’m getting the room up to the temperature that I need.  While I’m downloading the images from the session I clean everything up.  And it’s ready for the parents to come back and see their pictures on the big screen TV.home photography studio

Guest Room

I wish we had more people visiting us so we could use this space as a guest bedroom more often but all we do is move the ottoman and bring in a mattress.  I’ll admit it’s not the best guest room but It’s only used occasionally and we will have a guest room when the basement is finished.

TV Room

Since we have a big TV and couch in here it’s perfect for watching movies and having my boys around while I’m editing.

Lander Photography StudioPhotography Office


Brad built these simple shelves so I have a place to put my sample products and frames.  I use props to store all the accessories such as bonnets, outfits, headbands and wraps.  And the Eket shelves from Ikea are great for my Posing fabrics and other storage.

home studio organized ikea eket storage DIY floating Shelves

Riverton Wyoming Photography Studio

It’s small, cozy, functional and so far none of my clients have complained so hopefully that means it’s working.  If you know someone who needs a newborn photographer in Riverton WY send them on over.  But remember this is my home and not a commercial space so you will have to contact my here to set up an appointment.

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