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Awake + Alert

Usually when we think of newborn photography we picture a perfectly posed sleeping baby. Every once in a while that perfect little baby will open their beautiful eyes and try to figure out what on earth I am doing to them. These make for some of my favorite pictures during a newborn session. They are usually only awake for a couple of minutes before they decide they want to eat or fall back asleep. But it only takes a minute to get some very fun awake + alert pictures that show off their budding personalities.

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awake + alert

Pirate Eyes

Sometimes all you get is a pirate eye. That can be cute and sometimes a little scary. Eventually they will want to eat and when they get mad the become fully awake and that’s when we get the hungry baby faces. Also adorable and a very important memory to the survival weeks with a newborn.

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Riverton WY Photographer

Scheduling a session

If you are expecting a baby and you want to learn more about newborn photography use this form to contact me. I’ll give you all the information and we will see if I’m the right fit for you. Newborn photography is very time sensitive. It should be done before the baby is three weeks old. For this reason it is important to contact me BEFORE the baby is born. You can contact me anytime during your pregnancy.

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