Newborn Posing

Newborn Posing

Posing a newborn is very different from any other type of session. Newborn safety is the number one concern. Beyond that the focus is showcasing every little detail. There are several well known poses within the Newborn Photography world. Just like everything I do I stick to the timeless poses. These are my fab four! The fabulous four poses I try to get with every session. I’m not including popular poses like the froggy, taco, timber, potato sack and so many more. I’ll save those for another day. I’m posting these in black and white so the focus is on the pose and not the colors or styling.

The Bum-up Pose

This is a typical and natural feeling pose. Have you ever laid down with a newborn on your chest. They tend to curl up just like this. I love that in this pose you get the hands and feet. You also get a direct shot of the face. And my favorite part of this pose is getting the adorable back rolls.

The Womb Pose

I refer to this as the womb pose because of how the arms and legs are tucked in. Just like they are in the womb. Once I get the baby in position I let them rest however feels natural to them. Some like their hands by their face and others keep them near their feet.

There is another similar version of this with the baby on the belly. I call that the taco but other photographers refer to the belly version as the womb pose.

The Head-up Pose

This pose focuses on the face while still showing details such as the fingers. It’s a very simple pose that also feels very natural to how a baby would lay.

The Side-laying Pose

If I had to choose just one pose…okay that is impossible I can’t do it. But I do LOVE this pose. My favorite is when they frame their face with those tiny hands. I love how it showcases those chubby little cheeks. In another post I’ll talk about the Froggy. It’s another great pose that showcases the cheeks. It didn’t make my Fabulous Four mainly because it doesn’t feel as natural.

What is your favorite pose?

What is your favorite pose. Do you like candid shots? Not all my shots are posed. Check out this post to see more of my candid work.

Booking a Newborn Session

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