The Newborn Session

newborn session

When is the session?

Most newborn sessions are booked in the second or third trimester of pregnancy but the session isn’t scheduled until the baby is born. When circumstances allow it is best to do the newborn pictures in the first 6-12 days.

Where is the session?

Newborn sessions are held in my cozy home studio. I’ve found this is easier for both me and new parents. It takes a little effort to get out of the house with a newborn but it’s a lot easier on parents than making sure their home is clean and they have a space for me to set-up and take pictures.

About the studio

I keep my studio super warm. It’s almost shocking to parents how warm it is when they walk in but it’s all about the baby’s comfort and not ours. Babies don’t generally have the best circulation and they wont be as bundled up as you normally keep them. The warm room is crucial to the process.

I keep my studio super clean and prewash everything that gets used on the baby. The things that touch your baby during the session will be coming out of the dryer as you arrive; fresh, clean and warm.

Why 3 hours?

I tell parents to plan on three hours. Sometimes we finish faster, I rarely go over, but it all depends on the baby. Some babies take longer to settle, some need to eat more frequently. I try to allow time to keep everything relaxed. The family portion will be quick and I try to move through poses fast but sometimes we just have to take a break to tend to those adorable needy babies.

The Poop

Yes, I do take the diaper off and YES I know this means I might get pooped or peed on. It’s worth it to not have a bulky diaper in the pictures. I don’t use anything that isn’t washable anyway.

The Family

Family is included in every newborn session but we save them for the last hour.

If this is the only child mom and dad usually come together. They can watch me work or spend some time sprucing up and getting ready for family pictures.

If other siblings are involved they can come and play with toys or watch movies while we work with the baby.

However, most parents prefer to drive separate. Dad can spend some time with the other kids and they can arrive at the studio just in time for their portion. This isn’t necessary but it’s something many parents like to do.

Stress Free

We keep things calm and stress free on pictures day for a fun and relaxed experience.

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