The Ordering Appointment

the ordering appointment

What is the ordering appointment?

I often refer to the ordering appointment as the View & Order because it’s when you see your pictures for the first time and submit your order. This step of the process helps me keep my prices affordable and speeds up the turn around time. You can often come back to view the pictures the same day as the session when schedules permit.

Unedited Images

When you do come see your pictures they wont yet be edited. I work hard to get the best results in camera but I wont have started the time consuming process of retouching.

Slide Show

You will get to watch a slideshow of your session. This is the part where you get to sit back and enjoy. Mom usually cries, sometimes dad does too.


After you have seen all the pictures I help you narrow down your favorites. I’m a big believer in less is more and quality over quantity. I help you compare similar images and make sure you get a good variety. This is the part I’m really good at but parents tend to struggle.

At first parents panic thinking it’s really hard but as we go through the process they quickly realize that certain pictures stick out to them more and it becomes easy to select the favorites that will be treasured for generations.

What to do with them?

Once we’ve narrowed down the pictures we decide what collections fits your wants, needs and budget. All my collections include digital files and archival prints. I try to make my collections flexible but I’m a stickler about having something archival printed from every session.

Finalize the order

You finalize your order and head on your way. I get to work with the processing of your pictures. Most orders are finished and delivered to the client within 2 weeks of placing the order.


Surprisingly most of my time is spent retouching photos. Newborns can be especially time consuming because of their peeled dried skin, bruising, baby acne, scratches on their faces from their constantly flailing hands and poor circulation.

My style is very simple and clean and I want to maintain all the texture. I could do a quick retouch process but often that is overdone and we lose important details like baby fuzz and birth marks. It’s important to me that I take care of all the distracting elements while maintaining details.

This is the number one reason I wait to retouch pictures until you’ve made your selection. Again it keeps my prices low and my turn around times super speedy without compromising any quality.

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