Choosing cloud storage

There are so many cloud storage options on the market. It can be difficult to decide what to choose.

I’m no expert but I’ve used a lot for different reasons so I’ll try to give you some guidance.

Don’t bounce from service to service

When choosing a cloud storage service you should take it serious. You don’t want to be bouncing from service to service. This can be very dangerous for your pictures and important documents.

Things to consider


How long has this service been around? Is it reputable? Do some research on the company, read reviews and ask around.


Most services will offer a certain amount of storage free then when you exceed that amount there will be a monthly or yearly fee to expand your storage. Take advantage of the free service as long as you can but be aware of the price when it comes time to upgrade.

File Types

Be aware of what file types work with each cloud storage options. If you want to use your cloud storage for more than pictures look for one that handles pdf, word documents etc. If you want one specific for photos and you shoot in RAW make sure those files are easily viewed on the service you choose.

What you already have

Think of your other cloud services you are already using. They probably have photo specific options. If you don’t have one yet think of your other needs and find one that can handle them all.

Ease of Use

Probably obvious but worth mentioning. You want to get the most out of your service so if it’s complicated and hard to use it’s not worth your time and money.

Visual Appeal

This is important when dealing with pictures but sometimes has to be compromised when finding a one service fits all solution.

Accessibility on the Go

Decide how important it is for you to access your pictures and files on your phone, computer, at home, work, school or wherever you are. Most services have this option but some are easier to use than others

Sharing Ability

How easy is it to quickly send a picture to grandma or retrieve a throwback Thursday picture for social media. Check out the sharing options and organizing capabilities of each service.

Cloud storage services I’m familiar with

I’ve used several but it’s nothing compared to how many are out there. Do a google search and I’m sure you will find some other great blogs that have done more research.

One Drive

This is great for PC users. It often comes with your Microsoft Office. I’ve never used it for pictures. I’m sure it will work.

Drop Box

I’ve been using DropBox for at least 7 years. I’ve linked it to my external hard drive and stored all my files and documents on it. I’ve also linked it to my phone and used it as a way to save pictures to the cloud. It’s a great option, it’s been around for a long time it does everything. It’s not as visually appealing for pictures but it keeps them safe and does multiple jobs.

Google Drive and Google Photos

If you have a gmail account you have access to both of these. Google Drive works similar to DropBox and Google Photos has a more visually appealing option for your photos. It also has more organizational options than DropBox. Personally I like DropBox over Google Drive but if it weren’t for Adobe Creative Cloud I’d still be using Google Photos for my pictures.

Adobe Creative Cloud

This is the most expensive option and it’s not for everyone but it’s my favorite. Adobe Creative Cloud includes Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and so much more. You can use Lightroom Mobile free as a photo editor but if you use it as part of your Creative Cloud subscription you are unlocking a variety of incredible features and the ability to sync to your computer pictures to your phone and your phone pictures to your computer.

In an effort to keep this post short I’ll be making another post specific for Creative Cloud and Lightroom Mobile.

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