February 21, 2020

What is a Milestone Session? Milestone sessions are meant to capture your growing baby in-between the newborn and family session. It’s a great way to capture tummy time, sitting, crawling, standing and even walking. Milestone sessions are in studio with a simple solid background keeping the focus on your baby. Who can schedule a Milestone […]

Milestone FAQ

October 16, 2019

There are so many cloud storage options on the market. It can be difficult to decide what to choose. I’m no expert but I’ve used a lot for different reasons so I’ll try to give you some guidance. Don’t bounce from service to service When choosing a cloud storage service you should take it serious. […]

Choosing cloud storage

October 15, 2019

Digital Files: Step 1 Create a duplicate copy ASAP. Have at least one copy on a physical hard drive. Have a copy on a cloud service. Using a Camera First Copy When using a DSLR or any stand alone camera that isn’t part of a device your pictures are being recorded to a memory card. […]

Digital Files: Duplicate Copy

October 9, 2019

We live in a time where everyone is a photographer. Owning a nice camera is the only criteria considered for being a professional photographer. Unfortunately most people don’t think about what happens before and after the shutter releases. File Management I’m not talking about the business side or even all the editing and retouching that […]

File Management for photographers

March 27, 2019

Often moms ask me what type of camera they need to photograph their children. They are expecting me to tell them a specific model of DSLR camera. I can honestly say I don’t think a DSLR camera {aka the big black camera with bulky lenses} is for everyone. I’m going to talk about to phone […]

How to Document your family | Phone vs DSLR

February 27, 2019

Being Intentional Take a minute and image the year 2049. Your kids are visiting for the weekend and you are hanging out talking about when they were younger. PAUSE … How do you picture this moment? Are you sitting on the couch looking at albums? Are you scrolling social media? Are you digging through old […]

How to document your family | Being Intentional

August 9, 2016

Why digitizing family photos is a waist of time. Did you know that digital files aren’t archival?  What does that mean?  In 30 years from now when you want to look back at 2016 and the hundreds of pictures you took with your phone camera you will likely not be able to find them.  In that […]

Organizing Family Photos

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